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Corona Virus Alert - Shepard Insurance Group

Corona Virus Alert

Button down your Possessions!

As the grind of wearing masks and quarantining due to Covid-19 continues, we are seeing a significant uptick in passive theft. Whether the increase is driven by increased unemployment due to the Corona virus, or simply having your guard down, it is time to button down to avoid loss!

“We are seeing a significant uptick in passive theft”

Here are some thoughts

To avoid being subject to passive theft, here are some things to do:

1. Always lock, and never leave your keys in your car

2. Better yet, if possible, put the car in the CLOSED garage

3. Never leave anything of value in a car left outside the garage, it gives thieves a reason to break in

4. Bicycles are also popular, make sure they are not left outside and if they need to be, makes sure they are locked up

5. Secure any item you would prefer not to lose

We refer to this as passive theft. As the thieves, many caught on camera with a mask, are merely taking advantage of unattended cars, often times with keys left in them and the personal possessions that you leave out in the open (bikes).

Unfortunately, this is becoming collateral of the epidemic, but a bit of vigilance can stop a loss from happening.

If you have questions about the increase in passive crime, give Kyle a call at 203.698.9342 or email him at

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