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And your home insurance premiums as well.

Despite Global Warming accelerating the claim severity of storms, inside water damage continues to be the single largest volume of claims submitted on home insurance policies. So, leaky plumbing is the #1 claim problem for insurers.

“Leaky plumbing is the #1 claim problem for insurers”

Here is what you should do- Install a water leak detector!

There are a few versions of water leak detection available, the cost of installation varies, but even the most inexpensive leak detector system offers a credit on your insurance premiums. More importantly, having a leak detection system can be an asset if you have a leak, to help prevent major damage in your home.

Here is our recommendation:

Installing leak detection is a bit of an effort, so we recommend the next time you have contact with your plumber or builder to inquire about it. The most effective leak detection system will measure your water consumption and is connected to your alarm system to shut down when the pre-configured flow patterns change. The least intrusive leak detection is a simple device that recognizes a water leak in and around an appliance, like your dishwasher, or in the basement near the water heater.

Claims data is suggesting that some type of leak detection as your home ages is a smart choice, initially to give you a premium credit, but ultimately to dramatically reduce the severity and aggravation of a major water leak.

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