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It is of little surprise that weather patterns have become more extreme. Storm frequency may be unchanged, but storm severity is out of control! Global warming is showing its wrath and insurance companies are reacting!

“Storm frequency may be unchanged, but storm severity is out of control!”

Personal insurance companies are in the middle of re-underwriting all lines of business. If you check any of these boxes, you will pay more:

  • Live near the coastline
  • Live more than 1,000 feet from a fire hydrant
  • Have a less than perfect driving history
  • Have claims
  • Pay your premiums in installments

These are just the leading issues that are in the insurance companies’ algorithm to insure profitability.

How do you react?

To control costs in a rising premium climate it is vital to lean on a strong relationship with an insurance agent. The agent needs to visit proprties in order to fine tune coverage(s) specific to the client. The agent needs to know the client to understand what is important, identify all their exposures, and lay out all the coverage options.

In the end, the client needs to be bullet proof with a clear plan to control rising insurance premiums.

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