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Shepard Insurance Group was founded in 1979. In the 40 years that have expired, we at Shepard through first-hand experience have developed an understanding of the unique value proposition of the insurance companies we represent. Over time the issues reveal themselves as to the attitude of an insurer as it relates to policy coverages, customer service support, and most importantly their claim response. Forty years of placing insurance policies for successful individuals and their families has given us first hand knowledge of who is the best.

If your concern is:

Customer Service Loss Prevention Coverages
Appraisal Service Claims Response Stable Rates

You should choose Chubb Insurance!

If our 40 years of experience is your guide, choosing Chubb Insurance is your best choice. No one wants to deal with the issues of a claim, or an accident. Choosing a company that looks for a reason to provide full coverage, versus an insurer that tries to avoid or limit claim recovery can save an inconvenience from being a disaster.

Let Kyle Shepard explain the difference and coverages so you can understand the real benefit of having Chubb protect your insurance needs.


Chubb Insurance is an available insurance coverage option in over 10,000 independent agencies in the United States. Within the Chubb, there is a measured excellence protocol that evaluates agency’s for their effort on behalf of the insured and the professionalism of their agent partners. For more than 10 years Shepard Insurance Group has earned the Chubb Cornerstone designation, surpassing Chubb’s excellence protocol. With that designation Shepard has the benefit of superior underwriting, white glove customer service, and most important dedicated claims processing for their clients.

Ask Kyle about the Cornerstone designation and what it means to our Chubb clients.

Give Kyle a call and ask him about the value in having Chubb insure your home.



what we offer
Personal Assessment

At Shepard, 40 years of working with high achieving clients has built a level of expertise critical in meeting client needs. We know the responsibility of success and have built a platform to manage the risks that come with it.

Life Insurance

Achieving and maintaining financial security for your family is a lifetime effort. Implementing a well-designed Life Insurance program will provide the guarantees that are critical to that security.

The Shepard Team

Forty years in the insurance business has built a team of experts who are fluent in today’s coverage options and how to best tailor them to the individual needs of each client.