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Titanic Sinking
Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning January 23, 2018

A Better Understanding of Life Insurance Held in A Trust

A Better Understanding of Life Insurance Held in a Trust. Even with the new revisions to Federal Estate taxes, Trusts funded with Life insurance will continue to be a popular planning tool. Whether you focus on the sunset clause of the revisions in 2025, or the fact that most individual states still levy estate taxes, [...] Read More
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Retirement Planning August 22, 2017

Long Term Care – What the NAIC Knows That We Should Know

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) convened a task force in July, principally to address the future of traditional Long Term Care insurance policies. Traditional policies are those where you pay a premium for a specific benefit and duration, but you build no policy value. Specifically, the task force is examining legislation similar to [...] Read More
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Life Insurance / Retirement Planning July 25, 2017

GUL – Guaranteed Universal Life

Should it come with a Warning Label?? Life Insurance companies have made a concerted effort over time to maintain a high level of consumer confidence in their products. The most common effort these days is to include a guarantee on the death benefit in the policy. In short, if you pay the premium required, your [...] Read More
Bear Eating a Fish
Life Insurance / Retirement Planning June 27, 2017

An Extra Mouth to Feed – Selecting the Right Insurance Company

If your client is buying a Term Life policy to fund his ILIT, or Spousal Trust, you need not pay too much attention to the insurance company they choose, just make sure the company has solid financial ratings.   Term policies can last 10, 20, even 30 years and they are rarely kept to the end [...] Read More
Nurse Assisting an Elderly Man
Retirement Planning October 1, 2016

Long-Term Care Solutions

We are of the opinion that there is no consensus solution to the health care distribution and cost issue. Equally troubling is the rapid expense growth of the cost and the number of people needing Long Term care.

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