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Category: Retirement Planning

Second Opinion Word Bubble
Life Insurance / Retirement Planning June 11, 2019

Four Things Your Client Wants from their Insurance Professional

Are they getting it? At Shepard Insurance Group we routinely are asked by Wealth Managers and Investment Professionals to provide a "Second Opinion" on their client’s insurance protection as a value added effort. By a large percentage we routinely find two issues. Clients do not have appropriate coverage for their individual needs, and many are [...] Read More
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Life Insurance / Retirement Planning May 21, 2019

Poor Insurance Coverage is Worse than A 25% Market Correction!

Personal insurance coverages come with limits, terms, and then conditions that are critical components in being protected in the event of a claim. Periodic audit of personal insurance coverage is vital to being sure that coverage is appropriate for any claim. WHEN WAS YOUR LAST INSURANCE AUDIT? A full audit of a successful individual or [...] Read More
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Retirement Planning September 11, 2018

A ILIT Tune Up is In Order

It is clear that the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act" of 2018 has increased the point of concern for estate tax planning to beyond $20m for married couples. But the use of an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust continues to have planning value, especially with the sunset clause in the tax change pending in year 2026. [...] Read More
Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust Cartoon
Life Insurance / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning March 20, 2018

ILIT’s – Still a Powerful Legacy Tool

As we are all aware, our industrious leader, Donald Trump, has dented the legacy planning business with his Estate Tax revision effective in 2018. But there is a big question as to whether Trump can hope to be re-elected for a second term with all the vitriol. If he is unsuccessful, it would seem likely [...] Read More
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Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning February 13, 2018

Focus on the Term(s)

Managing the policy conditions of a “Term” life policy would seem to be relatively straight forward. The Term is the number of years the policy is inforce with a level premium. It can be 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. So during those years as long as the premium is paid on time, or within [...] Read More
Question Mark Symbol on a Bear Trap
Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning February 6, 2018

Lapse Traps – Keeping Life Coverage in Force!!!

The normal thought to keeping Life Insurance coverage in force so the benefit is paid when the insured dies, is to “pay the premium” when due. But it can be much more complicated than just paying the premium. Certainly, if you have a term policy with temporary coverage, prompt payments are the simple solution. Your [...] Read More