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Category: Opinion

Business Man Offering a Handshake
Opinion May 5, 2020

Air Hug – Never Going to Catch On!

Air Hug - Never going to catch on! It’s very clear that we are living in some trying times with social distancing. But the notion that no one will ever hug or shake hands again is just not going to work. "There is a lot of messaging in a simple hand shake." Here is why: [...] Read More
Fourth of July Fireworks
Opinion June 25, 2018

Ten Basic Tenants of Fireworks

In that fireworks disasters cause on average 18,000 fires each year, and nearly $43m in property damage, a few pointers on setting off fireworks: set off only by an adult always sober 15 to 20 feet away at ignition use eye protection use only legal fireworks, illegal are a problem in an accident away from [...] Read More
Close Up of an Hour Glass
Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning February 13, 2018

Focus on the Term(s)

Managing the policy conditions of a “Term” life policy would seem to be relatively straight forward. The Term is the number of years the policy is inforce with a level premium. It can be 10, 15, 20, or 30 years. So during those years as long as the premium is paid on time, or within [...] Read More
Question Mark Symbol on a Bear Trap
Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning February 6, 2018

Lapse Traps – Keeping Life Coverage in Force!!!

The normal thought to keeping Life Insurance coverage in force so the benefit is paid when the insured dies, is to “pay the premium” when due. But it can be much more complicated than just paying the premium. Certainly, if you have a term policy with temporary coverage, prompt payments are the simple solution. Your [...] Read More
Titanic Sinking
Life Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets / Retirement Planning January 23, 2018

A Better Understanding of Life Insurance Held in A Trust

A Better Understanding of Life Insurance Held in a Trust. Even with the new revisions to Federal Estate taxes, Trusts funded with Life insurance will continue to be a popular planning tool. Whether you focus on the sunset clause of the revisions in 2025, or the fact that most individual states still levy estate taxes, [...] Read More
House Fire in California
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Opinion / Protecting Assets October 17, 2017

Natural Disasters – The Ultimate Test for Insurance and A Guide for the Future

We have unfortunately been hypnotized watching Harvey, Irma, and now Napa wildfires inflict catastrophic damage to helpless property owners. The disruption and the emotional damage are difficult to fathom. It will take years to recover. But these natural disasters are a test, the ultimate test of whether an insurance agent did a good job of [...] Read More