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Life Insurance November 13, 2018

Suitability #5 – Is Indexed Universal Life A Good Choice?

The investment of the cash values that support a permanent Life Insurance policy are vital to the success of the protection. Whether the goal is for a death benefit to be paid sometime in the future, or a methodical transfer of tax deferred legacy assets, the underlying investment should be carefully chosen. Life insurance is [...] Read More
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Life Insurance November 6, 2018

Suitability – Guaranteed Universal Life #4 – Is It A Good Product Choice?

Many people use Term or Temporary Insurance products to meet their life insurance needs. It can be a cost effective way to meet coverage requirements. But term policies, at the end of the coverage period expire, or reset at a new premium, usually at an unacceptable renewal cost. GUL, guaranteed universal life insurance is a [...] Read More
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Life Insurance October 23, 2018

Suitability-Client Advisor Warning #3 – Universal Life

It was 1978 when Universal Life (UL) hit the streets as an option for permanent life insurance. UL was dubbed the consumer version of permanent life insurance because it disclosed the policy expense factor, the mortality cost, and the credited interest rate. With a slow start UL contracts started churning when treasury rates peaked >14% [...] Read More
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Life Insurance October 16, 2018

Suitability – Guidance Protocol for Client Advisors #2 – Whole Life

The two most significant challenge in determining the right product to meet a life insurance need is “how long”. In advising highly successful insurance buyers on preserving an estate, or an organized asset transfer, the policy type typically used, is a permanent life policy. So as an alternative to Term Insurance policy that runs out, [...] Read More
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Life Insurance October 9, 2018

Suitability – Guidance Protocol for Client Advisors #1

Life insurance continues to be the most useful and efficient tool in wealth preservation and asset transfer, but with so many different types how do you assist your client when they are trying to make the proper selection of policy type. Over the next 5 blog posts we will examine and identify the different options [...] Read More
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Life Insurance October 2, 2018

Prolonged Low Interest Rates – How does it impact Permanent Life Insurance Policies?

For nearly 30 years interest rates were on the decline, and that decline has had a significant impact on the performance of permanent life insurance policies. In addition Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) rules for Life Insurance companies further complicates investment results as we look forward. Many years ago, to add a measure of financial [...] Read More