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Category: Life Insurance

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Life Insurance April 30, 2019

Special Needs- Leverage from the Grandparents

Over time our engagement in creating a plan for a child with special needs has become a more frequent occasion.  Statistics now report that one in seven children born, will have special needs requiring added lifetime support for education, healthcare and more. It is a very complex discussion. First, a special needs child born to [...] Read More
Professionally Dressed Man Reviewing a Document
Life Insurance March 26, 2019

Do Trustees Need Liability Protection?

In every Trust that is executed, the designated Trustee holds the important responsibility of fulfilling the written intentions of the Grantor in the Trust. The scope of duties both before and after death can be daunting, especially when dealing with beneficiary expectations. A possible solution Whether basic administration, Asset Protection or Distribution of Trust assets, [...] Read More
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Life Insurance February 20, 2019

Indexed Life Insurance – Is it the Right Fit?

There are many versions of permanent life insurance to choose from. The traditional permanent policy has always been what is referred to as Whole Life, built on a foundation of strong guarantees with the investments primarily in Fixed Income. But the long period of declining (and now rising) interest rates have spawned a number of [...] Read More
Inflating Interest Road Going Straight Up
Life Insurance February 5, 2019

Premium Financed Life Insurance and Rising Interest Rates

An old age axiom on success is OPM, using "Other People's Money" to achieve your financial success. That axiom is used in life insurance by doubling down on the leverage of life insurance by borrowing funds to pay the premiums. In a low interest rate environment, this can be an attractive financing tool. But what [...] Read More
Life Insurance Folder in a Filing Cabinet
Life Insurance January 15, 2019

Life Insurance Trusts – 10 Reasons Why Policies Should be Audited Now!

Whether you believe the estate tax revisions of 2018 will be permanent or if they will vanish with the sunset clause, ILIT's continue to have significant critical value in addressing asset transfer and legacy plans. However, the ILIT is only as good as the life insurance policy that is funding the trust. Here are the [...] Read More
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Life Insurance December 11, 2018

Suitability #6 – Variable Life Insurance – Make an Informed Decision

The final type of permanent Life Insurance in the suitability series is Variable Life Insurance. In its simple sense, if a client were looking for permanent life insurance at the lowest cost, Variable Life would never be the best choice. However, if the objective were to build significant cash value, retain some control on the [...] Read More