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Calculator and Tax Plan
Life Insurance September 15, 2021

Biden’s Tax Agenda

Anticipation of Tax Increases is Driving PPLI & PPVA With the Federal Deficit growing at an alarming rate, and with talks of more stimulus, the current discussion to increase taxes on the 1% is becoming more likely to happen. It is relatively clear that taxes will need to grow, and that the growth will come [...] Read More
Line Graph Displaying a Decline
Comprehensive Coverage / Life Insurance / Protecting Assets May 19, 2020

Client Alert

Client Alert Understanding the Hard Edge of Guaranteed Universal Life Insurance In February 2020 I wrote a blog post regarding the use of Guaranteed Universal Life insurance. It’s clear that declining interest rates for a prolonged period of time have damaged the Universal Life policies, and the evolution of the damage was GUL - Guaranteed [...] Read More
Life Insurance Red Flag
Comprehensive Coverage / Life Insurance / Protecting Assets February 18, 2020

Can You Trust A GUL Policy? Guaranteed Universal Life

"Knowing the details can help you assist your client." Guaranteed Universal Life insurance (GUL) is a policy form that is evolutionary. In the world of permanent insurance products where coverage lasts until death, GUL is the newest version of protection. But is it a good choice? Unlike Term Life insurance where coverage lasts a specified [...] Read More
Well Dressed Family Walking on the Beach
Comprehensive Coverage / Life Insurance / Protecting Assets January 28, 2020

Adding Value

Advising client’s on the proper Life Insurance Implementation! Successful individuals and families typically use Life Insurance as a backstop for their financial plans in both the accumulation, career stage, and then the distribution stage. Being well informed on the options will be a big assist for your client. "Each individual implementation should be customized to [...] Read More
Second Opinion Word Bubble
Life Insurance / Retirement Planning June 11, 2019

Four Things Your Client Wants from their Insurance Professional

Are they getting it? At Shepard Insurance Group we routinely are asked by Wealth Managers and Investment Professionals to provide a "Second Opinion" on their client’s insurance protection as a value added effort. By a large percentage we routinely find two issues. Clients do not have appropriate coverage for their individual needs, and many are [...] Read More
Risk Assessment Road Sign
Life Insurance / Retirement Planning May 21, 2019

Poor Insurance Coverage is Worse than A 25% Market Correction!

Personal insurance coverages come with limits, terms, and then conditions that are critical components in being protected in the event of a claim. Periodic audit of personal insurance coverage is vital to being sure that coverage is appropriate for any claim. WHEN WAS YOUR LAST INSURANCE AUDIT? A full audit of a successful individual or [...] Read More