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Aerial Shot of a Huricane from Space with Heat Map
Home Insurance / Navigating Coastal Coverage / Opinion / Protecting Assets September 7, 2017

One Agents Opinion – Irma will Bankrupt Micro Florida Insurers

On the heels of Harvey exposing Houston to the need for Flood insurance and additionally the inadequacy of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Irma, heading for Florida may be much worse. If you have insurance with a major insurance company, any wind damage claims from Irma may be slow, but you should get paid. [...] Read More
Aerial View of a Hurricane
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Navigating Coastal Coverage June 20, 2017

Storms a Brewing – Be Prepared

With Tropical Storm Cindy brewing in the gulf, it’s a wake up for that time of year when we head into summer storm season, sometimes referred to as “hurricane season”.   Being prepared to address an approaching storm always helps in reducing the final impact of what we inherit from Mother Nature. Here is a list [...] Read More
Beatiful Coastal Town with Mountains in the Background
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets June 8, 2017

Summer Vacation – A little Preparation to insure enjoyment

As summer approaches, you may be looking forward to your family vacation to a beach house, or maybe a destination that you have never been before.  A little pre-planning will go a long way to make certain all goes as planned. Leaving your home - whether off to a regular summer spot or some exotic [...] Read More
Luxury Backyard Hosting a Party
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets May 23, 2017

Protecting Your Protection – An Extra Cushion for Your Summer Party

It’s that time of year where the weather gives momentum to hosting a summer party.  It’s clear that inviting guests to your home leaves you responsible for their safety, so being certain you have ample Liability & Excess Liability is a necessity. At your home: While your liability coverage in your policy technically covers host [...] Read More
Two Adults Catching Water Leaking from the Ceiling
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets May 16, 2017

Inside Flooding – Pick the Right Insurer!

It is extremely rare that a luxury high rise in NYC has a fire. But what is very common is water damage from a burst pipe in your unit, or even worse, from the unit above.  The insurance company you pick can either make an inside flood an inconvenience or a disaster. Here is why! [...] Read More
Liability Word Cloud
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets May 16, 2017

Value Added – Protect the Back Door

If your client is worth $10m or even $25m how much liability insurance should they have? Should you be concerned?  Our view is ABSOLUTELY! Often times you acquire your client at the peak of their earning years, when the balance sheet needs structure to soar into the future.   Asset allocation, Trusts, LLC’s and FLP’s are [...] Read More