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Added Value
Home Insurance February 27, 2018

Add Value for your Successful Clients

The choice between a Premium and Basic home insurance policy! The significant differences in coverage between a premium and a basic home insurance policy are typically a bit of an unknown, until there is a claim. Unfortunately, this is the worst time to find out! Basic homeowner’s policies create many unknowns within their contracts by [...] Read More
Luxury Pool House
Home Insurance February 22, 2018

What is Other (Appurtenant) Structures? Can You Adjust It to Reduce your Home Insurance Premiums?

Most personal residences are insured with the traditional home insurance policy that comes with four property coverages, and also two liability protections. One of those property coverages extensions is for Other Structures (OS), sometimes referred to as Appurtenant Coverages. The design of OS coverage is to provide added coverage for those structures that are not [...] Read More
Repair Quote for Water Damaged Ceiling
Home Insurance February 6, 2018

Replacement Cost Property Coverage – What is It? What Should You Know?

Replacement Cost is the term used to describe the recovery basis for property that is damaged or lost, above the property deductible. There are two types of replacement cost, guaranteed (full) and then limited. Do you know which one you have? In comparison, when a claim occurs, full replacement cost typically requires the insured to [...] Read More
Ice Storm that Caused Branches to Fall in the Street
Home Insurance January 9, 2018

Natural Disasters – Strong Reinforcement of Homeowner’s Coverage choices

2017 was an epic year for storms; the most active on record. Wildfires, hurricanes, and even a cyclone bomb winter storm in the Northeast. The property damage throughout the year was overwhelming. But these storms were also the critical test for the coverages found in home insurance policies!! Was the coverage on the structure guaranteed [...] Read More
Car Theft in Progress
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets December 21, 2017

Update to a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Last week we sent out an email with the intention of creating a stress free holiday vacation by protecting your home and valuables. Today we would like to add an update on cars and how you can be proactive in preventing theft. Cars, being mobile, are more difficult to keep safe. Car thieves have unfortunately [...] Read More
Family Enjoying Vacation Time
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets December 14, 2017

To-do List for A Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

After a hectic holiday season, there is nothing better than a vacation with family to celebrate the coming New Year. That might mean leaving your home unattended for a week or more. So we present to you the Before You Leave Checklist to keep your home safe, because leaving your home well protected is a [...] Read More