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Aerial View of a Hurricane
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets September 11, 2018

Global Warming should suggest a Coverage Refocus

It’s of little surprise today that Global Warming is real, and ultimately, is having a significant impact on weather patterns. Intense storms are becoming more regular, and some with catastrophic results. Whether the issue is the wind damage of a hurricane, the water damage of torrential rains, or the property damage from a wild fire, [...] Read More
Close Up of Leaky Plumbing
Home Insurance June 25, 2018

NYC Insurance & Plumbing Disasters – Case Study

When it comes to insurance, it is rare in NYC that there is a fire, or in 24 hour security buildings, even more rare to have a burglary. But water damage is another issue. Whether aging building infrastructure, or buildings being renovated, NYC is in the middle of what we refer to as a “Water [...] Read More
Large House on Fire
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets June 25, 2018

What kind of insurance does your client have?

If your client suffered a devastating property loss like this, would you wonder, did they have good insurance coverage? And that is an important question, because inadequate insurance can compromise investment assets. A basic home insurance policy is not the right choice for your successful clients. When a fire occurs with a basic home insurance [...] Read More
Beatiful Coastal Town with Mountains in the Background
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets June 5, 2018

Four Keys to safeguarding your summer fun!!

As we head into summer and the vacation you have been looking forward to there are 4 keys that help secure your enjoyment: Prepare what you leave behind Do not leave signs that you are not home. Have your mail/papers collected and alert your alarm company Don’t Advertise Share the details of your great vacation [...] Read More
Generac Guardian Series Generator
Home Insurance April 17, 2018

Another Storm – Maybe A Generator Makes Sense!

When hurricane Sandy rolled thru years ago, we were lucky, we never lost power. But with storms occurring more frequently, and with plenty of significant damage, it might be time. Losing power does have its consequences. Consequences that accelerate as the hours add up. Beyond the inconvenience here are some issues that arise: sump pumps [...] Read More
Chart Trending Up with Business Professional in the Background
Home Insurance / Protecting Assets March 13, 2018

Size and Strong Financials are the Keys

An important consideration for selecting your home insurer. It is evident that "global warming" is taking hold of our weather. From the winds of hurricanes & tornados, to large wildfires, weather related events are happening more often and with significantly higher intensity. And this means more and larger claims. Clearly everyone wants great coverage and [...] Read More