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Luxury Backyard Hosting a Party
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets May 23, 2017

Protecting Your Protection – An Extra Cushion for Your Summer Party

It’s that time of year where the weather gives momentum to hosting a summer party.  It’s clear that inviting guests to your home leaves you responsible for their safety, so being certain you have ample Liability & Excess Liability is a necessity. At your home: While your liability coverage in your policy technically covers host [...] Read More
Liability Word Cloud
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets May 16, 2017

Value Added – Protect the Back Door

If your client is worth $10m or even $25m how much liability insurance should they have? Should you be concerned?  Our view is ABSOLUTELY! Often times you acquire your client at the peak of their earning years, when the balance sheet needs structure to soar into the future.   Asset allocation, Trusts, LLC’s and FLP’s are [...] Read More
Drone Capturing Footage During Sundown
Comprehensive Coverage November 18, 2016

Holiday Drones: Gifts with Risks

Every holiday brings new buzz about dangerous toys, this year drones are getting a lot of attention. It is hard to keep pace with technology, but there are risks that come with these cool toys that we need to be aware of.

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Risk Management Word Cloud
Comprehensive Coverage May 24, 2015

Selecting the Right Insurance Company

Insurance companies desire new customers. Being aware of their objectives can help you find the most comprehensive coverage at a low long term cost.

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Life Cycle of Humans
Comprehensive Coverage April 30, 2015

Life Stages in Insurance Terms

Insurance needs evolve as net-worth grows, making it critical to revisit your coverage regularly to ensure that your assets are properly protected. The Shepard Insurance Group can keep you bullet proof as you grow by creating a blue print for your needs and then revisiting the plan regularly to add and adjust according to your personal growth.

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