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Category: Comprehensive Coverage

Aerial View of a Hurricane
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets September 11, 2018

Global Warming should suggest a Coverage Refocus

It’s of little surprise today that Global Warming is real, and ultimately, is having a significant impact on weather patterns. Intense storms are becoming more regular, and some with catastrophic results. Whether the issue is the wind damage of a hurricane, the water damage of torrential rains, or the property damage from a wild fire, [...] Read More
Mercedes Benz After a Fender Bender
Comprehensive Coverage / Protecting Assets June 5, 2018

Are your AUM @ Risk?

Protect your base and Add Value! Having a "fender bender" is a common occurrence these days, especially with the volume of drivers who are texting, which leads to distracted driving. Where an accident becomes a real problem is when it is more severe than a simple bump, and your client is "at fault". Does your [...] Read More
New York City Luxury Apartment Bathroom Overlooking the City
Comprehensive Coverage April 17, 2018

When You Select Your Apartment Insurance, Be A Good Neighbor

Property claims for apartments, condos, and co-ops in NYC are rare. Lobby security minimizes theft exposure, and fires are uncommon. The most prevalent insurance claim is for water damage. Your dishwasher springs a leak, or during renovations your contractor saws thru a pipe. The damage and the consequences can be devastating, which is why you [...] Read More
Car Theft in Progress
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets December 21, 2017

Update to a Happy and Safe Holiday!

Last week we sent out an email with the intention of creating a stress free holiday vacation by protecting your home and valuables. Today we would like to add an update on cars and how you can be proactive in preventing theft. Cars, being mobile, are more difficult to keep safe. Car thieves have unfortunately [...] Read More
Family Enjoying Vacation Time
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets December 14, 2017

To-do List for A Stress-Free Holiday Vacation

After a hectic holiday season, there is nothing better than a vacation with family to celebrate the coming New Year. That might mean leaving your home unattended for a week or more. So we present to you the Before You Leave Checklist to keep your home safe, because leaving your home well protected is a [...] Read More
Policy Review on a Calendar
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Protecting Assets November 7, 2017

Homeowner’s with A 46% Rise in Catastrophic Storms Since 2000 – What Steps Should You Take?

In 2017 alone we have had 3 tornados, Harvey, Irma, and devastating wildfires in California. $350b in claims! With the algorithms that insurance companies use to determine home insurance rates, it’s impossible to know how future premiums will be affected. But it is safe to assume premiums will be going up. Here are a few [...] Read More