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Category: Navigating Coastal Coverage

Private Beach Sign in front of Nice Houses
Navigating Coastal Coverage August 24, 2015

Flood Insurance – Always Changing

Living on the water is a luxury, albeit a risky one. Buyers who root themselves in flood zones have to weigh the pros and cons in making that decision and then plan to protect themselves accordingly.

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Cartoon Checklist with House Being Flooded in the Background
Navigating Coastal Coverage July 24, 2015

To the Scrap Pile for Biggert Waters

Flood Insurance changes with the tide. Under the Biggert Waters Act, new owners have to pay adequate actuarial rates. With the new rules, the change in rates will provide a gradual easing of rates for new owners until they reach the rate adequate premium.

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Statue of Liberty Partially Under Water
Navigating Coastal Coverage November 10, 2012

FEMA Brings No Calm After the Storms

Superstorm Sandy might have moved on, but it left quite a stir in its wake on the flood insurance front.

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