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Aerial Shot of a Huricane from Space with Heat Map
Home Insurance / Navigating Coastal Coverage / Opinion / Protecting Assets September 7, 2017

One Agents Opinion – Irma will Bankrupt Micro Florida Insurers

On the heels of Harvey exposing Houston to the need for Flood insurance and additionally the inadequacy of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), Irma, heading for Florida may be much worse. If you have insurance with a major insurance company, any wind damage claims from Irma may be slow, but you should get paid. [...] Read More
Aerial View of a Hurricane
Comprehensive Coverage / Home Insurance / Navigating Coastal Coverage June 20, 2017

Storms a Brewing – Be Prepared

With Tropical Storm Cindy brewing in the gulf, it’s a wake up for that time of year when we head into summer storm season, sometimes referred to as “hurricane season”.   Being prepared to address an approaching storm always helps in reducing the final impact of what we inherit from Mother Nature. Here is a list [...] Read More
Aerial View of a Flooded Town
Navigating Coastal Coverage November 22, 2016

Disaster Coverage Solution: A Federal Trust

Hurricane Matthew devastated a small town in South Carolina called Nichols that sits more than 40 miles from the coastline. At the intersection of 2 rivers, the little town lost 6 churches and 22 business. And of course flood insurance was not part of the coverage plans.

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Aerial Shot of a Huricane from Space in Color
Navigating Coastal Coverage October 6, 2016

Insuring Your Florida Home

With Matthew serving as the season’s inaugural hurricane wreaking havoc on Florida, the insurance infrastructure is set to be tested. It calls to mind an insurance proposal that I recently reviewed.

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Gated Entrance Flooded
Navigating Coastal Coverage October 3, 2016

Flood Insurance: This is Not Going Well!

I recently read an interesting article in the local paper about the Community Rating System (CRS) for the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). It is a floodplain (zone) management initiative in which communities can earn up to a 45% reduction in flood insurance premiums, if they exceed the minimum flood protection standards of the National Flood Insurance Plan.

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Luxury Houses by the Water
Navigating Coastal Coverage April 30, 2016

Considering Property In or Near A Flood Zone

Few things are quite as luxurious as a home on the Gold Coast. But waking up to your own private oasis overlooking the Long Island Sound comes with natural risks worth considering before you close.

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