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Building on Home Schooling

Covid Virus Reactions

At Shepard Insurance Group we have been fielding calls from parents, facing the decision on whether or not to send their young children back to school, with concerns about the virus, who are now considering banding together with other age equivalent student parents to investigate home schooling.

“Being sequestered by the virus is taking a larger toll on our young children”

We are all dealing with the new normal, but when it comes to education this is very dynamic. Being sequestered by the virus is taking a larger toll on our young children. They certainly need the education and socialization.

Here is what you should know!

If you are thinking of hiring a teacher to home school your son or daughter, and some of their age level friends, you have to have all your protections in place.

First – check with your home insurance company and get it in writing that they are Ok with your new “school pod”. If they will not give you the go ahead, either do not proceed or change insurer’s.

Second – if you hire a teacher, your first employment step is to provide Workers Compensation coverage, it’s required by law!

Third – Liability coverage for the teacher including Professional liability coverage. Be certain you or the insurance agent reviews all the exclusions and policy limitations before you implement coverage. Make sure there are no surprises.

Fourth – make sure your internet router allows for a guest network, a secondary network that will protect your home network from outsiders. You need to partition any potential cyber intrusion.

Fifth – regarding benefits for the teacher like medical insurance, disability, pension, do not get involved, simply pay them more and say it’s their responsibility.

Sixth – and there could me more – if you are home schooling students other than family have your lawyer write a hold harmless agreement that both student parents need to sign off on to give you a primary level of protection.

We are living in a challenging world. Doing what is best for your children is taking charge of a difficult situation, being well protected is taking control.

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