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Building Advisor Value

Is it time for an Audit on Personal Insurance?

In these uncertain times, where equity options are challenged and fixed income appears to be a no win choice, it might be helpful if for the short run you change the dialogue, and attempt to add some value to your client relation:

the conversation with clients are not easy

Here is an option

At Shepard Insurance we are seeing Investment Advisors and Wealth Managers reaching out to clients with the initiative to “check the backstop of your personal Insurance” in these trying times.

– Is your back stop adequate?

– Do you need to increase your life insurance for the short term because of the market damage?

– Are you paying too much?

It is somewhat clear that our future is at best murky and that the conversation with clients are not easy. Changing the discussion, building on the relationship by checking on protections as a jump off point for the new normal might have added value.

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