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by May 14, 2024

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Two Troubling Trends in Personal Insurance Options

It is quite evident that weather disasters have personal insurance companies scrambling to identify geographic areas that are over exposed to these devastating storms. This confusion is ongoing and the resulting changes in insurer underwriting guidelines continue to shrink options.

The limited options for insurance coverage, in what we refer to as market “disruption”, puts the spotlight on having a responsive, capable insurance agent to sort out what options exist for your comprehensive, yet affordable insurance.

The days of a long list of available insurers have passed.

“Disruption is the insurance future!”

The Loss of Service - Shepard Insurance Group

Which brings in Trend #2

It matters that the independent insurance agency system is in full roll up. Many independent agencies across the USA are being bought out by larger national brokers and/or private equity. What changes with the roll-up is there is a change of focus from the clients and their personal needs to the profit of the buyer! What suffers is service, at a time, unfortunately, when the agent is so critical to the process of finding and implementing comprehensive, and affordable insurance.

Understanding these two emerging trends in buying personal home, and auto insurance will help you make more informed choices.

Shepard Insurance, is a second-generation fully independent agency with a primary focus on the client. If you are one of the unfortunate insureds caught in these new insurance trends, drop Kyle an email at or call 203.698.9342, we would love to help.

Written by: Kyle Shepard

Kyle’s extensive sales and account management expertise transcends both Commercial and Personal Lines. Coupling that with his finance and life insurance licenses, Kyle serves as full service insurance agent for all of his valued clients. The goal for Kyle is to provide tailored risk management to address his client’s current and future exposures, and to optimize wealth preservation.

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