Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Tips

by Feb 28, 2023

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Get a head start on Maintenance & Prevention

It is always a positive step to get out ahead of those maintenance items that are part of owning a home. Failing to complete this short list of spring cleaning can leave you exposed to what has become increasing extreme weather events.

“Get a head start on Maintenance & Prevention”

Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Tips - Shepard Insurance Group

Here is a short list to work off!

  • Clean debris out of your gutters
  • Check and secure your gutter down spouts and leaders to be certain water off your roof is directed away from your home
  • Clean basement window wells
  • Have your generator serviced to be certain it will fire when you lose power. It is surprising how often this is left unattended
  • Roof check – do a walk around your home to determine if the winter has left you exposed with shingle damage
  • If you have a curtain drain that controls run off toward your home, it is sensible to have it flushed out
  • Have your sump pumps serviced

Water that flows into your basement without Flood insurance is likely not going to be covered by your insurance. Taking steps to prevent water intrusion, and the resulting aggravation are sensible maintenance steps.

If you have questions about the value of Spring Clean-up, drop Kyle an email at or call 203.698.9342 to set up a time to discuss.

Written by: Kyle Shepard

Kyle’s extensive sales and account management expertise transcends both Commercial and Personal Lines. Coupling that with his finance and life insurance licenses, Kyle serves as full service insurance agent for all of his valued clients. The goal for Kyle is to provide tailored risk management to address his client’s current and future exposures, and to optimize wealth preservation.

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