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by Apr 30, 2024

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Reducing the Aggravation of a Home Insurance Claim

Climate change and devastating storms are pushing the home insurance industry into deep study on where they can reduce and control exposure to the next storm(s).  It is impossible to predict, but there are steps you can take to reduce the impact of a storm on your home.

“Having a generator to continue power for essential electric service can be a life saver if power is lost.”

Insurance Prevention Tools - Shepard Insurance Group

Home Insurance Claim Prevention Tools:

Generator – Unless you are one of the fortunate homeowners to have your power lines buried underground, losing power due to a hurricane-force wind can be a building source of aggravation until power is restored.  Whatever you have in the refrigerator or freezer will be a total loss. 

A generator to continue power for essential electric service can be a lifesaver if power is lost.  It might be worth exploring the costs of having a backup generator to retain power in a storm.

Generac Power Systems | Dealer Locator

Water Shut Off/Leak Detection – Inside water leak is the #1 home insurance claim for Insurance companies, nearly 40% of all losses. Your ability to have your water main shut off in a leak, or at a minimum, have an alarm triggered due to a water leak, can reduce and potentially eliminate the damage from a water leak. The damage done by a simple pipe leak, especially if you are out of town for business or vacation, can be significant. Adding a shut-off valve or leak detection can control the leak.

Whole Home Products – Moen

Phyn Plus – protect your home from leaks, save money, conserve water

Electrical Monitoring – Get ahead of your home’s electrical weakness and power surges in your home.

Ting SmartHome Solution – Whole Home Electrical Fire Prevention (

With all or one of these devices, you will prevent or reduce the impact of a homeowner’s claim, and the good news is that the devices will provide a premium credit on your annual home insurance premium.

Risk Prevention Strategies

In addition to the specific tools mentioned above, adopting a broader risk prevention strategies is essential:

  • Regular Maintenance: Keeping your home well-maintained can prevent common issues that lead to claims.
  • Educating Family Household:  Ensuring that all family members understand safety protocols and risk prevention measures can further reduce the likelihood of incidents. 

If you have questions about these devices, email me at or call 203.698.9342 for full details on the benefits.

7 Best Water Leak Detectors (2024): Smart Water, Temperature, and Humidity Sensors | WIRED

Written by: Kyle Shepard

Kyle’s extensive sales and account management expertise transcends both Commercial and Personal Lines. Coupling that with his finance and life insurance licenses, Kyle serves as full service insurance agent for all of his valued clients. The goal for Kyle is to provide tailored risk management to address his client’s current and future exposures, and to optimize wealth preservation.

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