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by Nov 22, 2016

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Hurricane Matthew devastated a small town in South Carolina called Nichols, pictured above, that sits more than 40 miles from the coastline. At the intersection of 2 rivers, the little town lost 6 churches and 22 business. And of course, flood insurance was not part of the coverage plans.

We need a solution for these catastrophes. I propose a government held dedicated disaster trust in which everyone receives coverage for disasters like flood. If the 137 million people filing tax returns includes $10 with their returns, the trust would be funded with $1.37 billion annually into a trust to pay the cost of these unexpected disasters. Global warming is clearly ratcheting up storm frequency and severity, we need to take a new approach to safeguarding assets.

Click here to read about the devastation in Nichols

If you have questions email Kyle at or call 203.698.9342.

Written by: Steve Shepard

Founder/Principal, Shepard Insurance Group. At Shepard Insurance Group we begin every relationship with a face to face meeting with the client. In a comprehensive discussion of coverage needs, personal concerns, objectives and finally appetite for risk, we can arrive at the proper insurance solution. Understanding the client is the first step to accurate execution.

November 22, 2016

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