Away for the Holidays: Tips to keep your home safe

by Dec 15, 2016

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Holiday vacations or winter escapes are the perfect opportunities for thieves to take advantage of your absence. Here are a few tips to keep your home safe while you are away:

  • Video surveillance – installing wifi enabled video cameras will allow you to receive alerts in case of an intrusion.  Dropcam is an inexpensive, highly effective tool to monitor your home while you are away, visit the site by clicking here.
  • Wifi Doorbell – intruders often ring the doorbell to see if you are home prior to breaking in. Ring is a wifi video door bell, to give you a look at anyone ringing the bell and an audio capability that makes it sound like you are home, visit the site by clicking here.
  • Neighbors – let your neighbors know that you will be away, and have them monitor your house & pick up your mail.  We personally broke up a party at our home with a heads up from our neighbor. Don’t forget a good bottle of wine as a thank you.
  • Lights – Invest in a timer so your lights can give the impression you are home by going on and off on their own.
  • For your car – installing inexpensive Trackr to keep an eye on any movement of your car while you are away, visit the site by clicking here.
  • And Finally Facebook – make sure there are no vacation posting by you or your children that inform thieves to your being away. Social media is a great resource for thieves.

Just a little extra effort makes a difference

Happy Holidays – Be safe

If you have questions email Kyle at or call 203.698.9342.

Written by: Steve Shepard

Founder/Principal, Shepard Insurance Group. At Shepard Insurance Group we begin every relationship with a face to face meeting with the client. In a comprehensive discussion of coverage needs, personal concerns, objectives and finally appetite for risk, we can arrive at the proper insurance solution. Understanding the client is the first step to accurate execution.

December 15, 2016

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