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by Mar 12, 2024

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Please Don’t Feed the Thieves!

It used to be that when you turned off your car, you pulled your key(s) from the ignition and put them in your hand to store. No More. With keyless entry, your keys can now unlock your car from a distance, leading to a new kind of risk.

“If you leave your car in the driveway, you leave your car exposed to being stolen!”

Auto Theft - Shepard Insurance Group

And that is a problem!

With your keys in hand, you enter your car and simply drop them in the cup holder or on the console. And this is where the problem begins. Mission over, you turn off the car and exit the car with the keys left behind because they are never in your hand past entry.

If the car is parked in your garage, leaving the keys behind is not an issue when the garage door is closed for the night. But if you leave your car in the driveway, you leave your car exposed to being stolen.

It’s a simple misstep created by the evolution of the electronic features of newer cars, but thieves are out and about. We are witnessing a rising number of car thefts in which keys are inadvertently left in the car in the driveway, even in gated communities. You wake up, and you’re without a car. It used to be that car theft was not a chargeable event on auto insurance, but deteriorating auto claims have changed that posture.

So, protect your car, protect your auto insurance rates.

Please do not feed the thieves!

For more information on how to protect your vehicle and understand the implications for your auto insurance, drop Kyle an email at or call 203.698.9342 for the full details on auto insurance.

Written by: Kyle Shepard

Kyle’s extensive sales and account management expertise transcends both Commercial and Personal Lines. Coupling that with his finance and life insurance licenses, Kyle serves as full service insurance agent for all of his valued clients. The goal for Kyle is to provide tailored risk management to address his client’s current and future exposures, and to optimize wealth preservation.

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