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Having a plan, being prepared is the answer!

We are all reading about the devastation of wild fires in California. Not counting the damages for 2019, the 2016-2018 losses more than doubled the previous 40 years of California fire losses.

How do you react?

First, fire is only one of the exposures that a homeowner should be concerned about. There is also:

  • wind from hurricanes and tornadoes
  • water damage from the outside from heavy downpours and flooding
  • water damage from inside due to aging plumbing and/or poor workmanship
  • freezing/extreme temperature losses
“First, fire is only one of the exposures that a homeowner should be concerned about”

We can all continue to debate the impacts of Global Warming on storm severity and even frequency. But having a plan and being prepared are vital to reducing the impact of an event.

Simple preparations are things like:

  • an intelligent security system with camera’s, and infra-red sensors
  • a generator for backup power
  • leak detection system to shut off the water if a pipe bursts
  • a lightning rod
  • strict property maintenance from cleaning gutters to tree trimming



It is beginning to seem like “if” has been changed to “when”, and being prepared can only reduce major aggravation to a mild inconvenience.

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