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Audit Your Protections

What are the tools you can or should have to be well protected?

It is common today if you own a home, and especially a vacation or secondary property to have some type of alarm system to provide protections against the potential exposures that ownership comes with. Periodically it makes sense to audit those components to be certain you have all that you need.

“What are the tools you can or should have to be well protected?”

What protections are available?

In today’s world thanks to Wi-Fi, you can be protected and monitor from anywhere in the world. Here are some of the protections you may want to consider:

– burglary – all windows and doors monitored

– property line intrusion – infrared sensors to detect trespassers

– fire alarm

– smoke alarm

– carbon monoxide alarm

– leak detection, connected to your alarm system

– water shut off

– low temperature monitors

– moisture/humidity monitoring – usually a good choice for wine cellars

– electric failure – backed up with a generator

– cyber intrusion – check your firewall security

– install cameras outside to see who may be visiting your property

In today’s Wi-Fi driven world, having a robust protection system with monitoring has become very inexpensive as we can see with plans such as Take a moment to audit your protections provided by your alarm system to make sure it meets all your needs. The more protection, the more property insurance discounts as well.

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