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Protect your base and Add Value!

Having a “fender bender” is a common occurrence these days, especially with the volume of drivers who are texting, which leads to distracted driving.

Where an accident becomes a real problem is when it is more severe than a simple bump, and your client is “at fault”.

  • Does your client have adequate liability insurance
  • Is the Excess/Umbrella coverage adequate to protect their AUM
  • Do they have Excess Medical coverage for injuries, or loss of work time, not covered by health insurance
  • And even if they are not at fault, do they have adequate Uninsured Motorist coverage to respond to a driver with little or no insurance

Losses can be in the Millions

Add value to your practice by reviewing your client’s protections, make sure they and their balance sheet are bullet proof. Shepard Insurance Group can provide a complimentary review of your client’s coverages to be safe instead of sorry.

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