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Generac Guardian Series Generator

April 17, 2018

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When hurricane Sandy rolled thru years ago, we were lucky, we never lost power. But with storms occurring more frequently, and with plenty of significant damage, it might be time.

Losing power does have its consequences. Consequences that accelerate as the hours add up.

Beyond the inconvenience here are some issues that arise:

  • sump pumps won’t work, without them functioning heavy rain can pour into your basement
  • no heat – with high winds and freezing temperatures, no power can lead to frozen pipes
  • alarm systems do not function
  • all that food and wine in your refrigerator and freezer will spoil

Installing a generator is no small expense and annual maintenance is an added cost. But regardless of the cause (i.e. Global warming), storms are happening more often and the intensity is ramping up. It may be time to deal with the potential consequences and also the inconvenience. Lastly, by adding a generator you will get a credit on your homeowner’s insurance policy as well.

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