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Jack-o'-lanterns Lit Up for Halloween

October 29, 2019

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Halloween is special time of year enjoyed by young and old, with excitement for the holiday beginning to brew in the weeks prior. Whether you are establishing first-time traditions for your trick or treater or opening your front door to the costumes and energy, Halloween is fun for all.

To maintain the excitement, while ensuring Halloween is safe, here are 3 thoughts to consider when preparing your trick or treaters:


“Happy Halloween from Shepard Insurance Group.”


Light the Way: Make sure you include a big flashlight in your travels, or if your youngster is going out with friends, include a bright torch to light their path. Leaves are piling up and pushing treaters into the street after dark, a strong flashlight is a must in charting a safe route.

Spread the Cheer: If time allows, take your Treaters to visit Assisted Living or Senior housing to spread the cheer. For the elderly, it’s all about the costumes. Those who are no longer in a neighborhood would love to participate in the festivities by seeing your youngsters and their costumes.

Prevent the Pranks: Count your eggs and rolls of toilet paper. The older treaters sometimes look to add pranks to Halloween evening. An extra eye, and possibly a bit of “please refrain”, to the older crowd will be much appreciated in avoiding the messy clean up.

Happy Halloween from Shepard Insurance Group.

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