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Business Man Offering a Handshake

May 5, 2020

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Air Hug – Never going to catch on!

It’s very clear that we are living in some trying times with social distancing. But the notion that no one will ever hug or shake hands again is just not going to work.

“There is a lot of messaging in a simple hand shake.”

Here is why:

Whether you are gesturing with an air hug, touching elbows, or clicking putters on the 18th hole, the gesture just isn’t enough. Safer yes, but the gesture misses the subtle message in a hand shake, or the warmth of a real hug.

When you shake hands, you get a significant message with the other shakee. Is he or she just imparting a greeting or sending a message like with a firm grip? There is a lot of messaging in a simple hand shake.

The same is true with a hug. Is your hug an expression of real concern or is it just a “get it over with” empty gesture?

It’s evident that we need to first survive this virus, as contact is an initiator of the infection. But the notion that we will never shake hands or hug again, while troubling, is misguided. This custom is and will always be a vital part of communication at least for those who really care, and are paying attention.

Let’s get this thing over with!

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