February 27, 2018

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The choice between a Premium and Basic home insurance policy!

The significant differences in coverage between a premium and a basic home insurance policy are typically a bit of an unknown, until there is a claim. Unfortunately, this is the worst time to find out! Basic homeowner’s policies create many unknowns within their contracts by adding in many unnecessary coverages that with a properly tailored premium contract can end up being the same premium wise.

Financial success welcomes additional exposures that should drive an insured in the direction of implementing a “premium” home insurance policy.

Here is a list of value added supports that come with a premium contract:

  • appraisal services for property values US & international
  • infrared home scan
  • collection evaluation and management
  • identity theft management, cyber security
  • domestic employee support & management
  • employee and contractor new hire background checks
  • travel assist and repatriation, including Kidnap & ransom
  • personal & internet vulnerability assessment
  • machinery breakdown
  • non capped additional living expenses

Most of these efforts are provided as an assist to the client for little or no cost, and can be very important in keeping up with the exposures that are part of success.

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